31st Airlie Beach Race Week 2019

8th – 15th AUGUST 2019



  1. Invitation

Owners and charterers of suitably found boats are invited to apply for entry in the 31st Annual Airlie Beach Race Week, on the waters of Pioneer Bay and the Whitsunday Passage from 8th to 15th August 2019.  The organising authority is the Whitsunday Sailing Club (WSC).

  1. Rules

    • The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the 2017 – 2020 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of World Sailing (WS), the Australian Sailing (AS) Special Regulations Part 1, the current class rules of each Class. For boats entered in the Sports Boat Class, the Australian Sports Boat Association rules will apply. For boats entered in IRC Classes, the IRC Rules 2019 Parts A, B and C will apply. For boats entered in Multi-Hull racing Class the Offshore Multi-Hull Rule (OMR) will apply.
    • Backstay pennants and regatta hull stickers may be provided by the organizers, and, if supplied shall be displayed by each competing boat throughout Airlie Beach Race Week 2019.
    • Each boat shall be crewed by at least two persons over the age of 19 years.
    • Attention is drawn to the RRS Part 1 and to Fundamental Rule 4.
    • With the exception of boats under 8.5M, Airlie Beach Race Week is a ‘wet’ regatta. Boats will not be hauled out once the series has commenced, except in the case of emergency and after permission of the Race Committee has been obtained in writing and in accordance with any conditions attached to that permission.  Boats under 8.5M, who are entered in either Sports Boat or Trailable Yacht divisions, may be hauled out and stored on road trailers overnight between races.  Launching ramps may be available at Port of Airlie, Abell Point Marina or Whisper Bay (Whitsunday VMR).  The launching ramp at Whitsunday Sailing Club will not be available.
    • Boats not racing in an IRC Class shall request permission from the Race Committee to use movable and/or variable ballast for the purpose of increasing stability. Any such request must be accompanied by full details of the system involved, and any such system will be taken into account in establishing the yacht’s handicap. Stored power may be used for the operation of movable ballast systems. Rules 51 and 52 are modified to the extent required by this paragraph.
    • One-Design boats shall comply with their class rules at all times whilst racing in IRC and One Design Classes unless these have been modified by the class association.
    • A boat chartered or on loan may carry national letters or sail numbers in contravention of her class rules. A yacht without identification numbers on the main and headsail and spinnaker shall display bow numbers on each side of the hull, placed no more than one metre from the bow, for the duration of the event.  This amends RRS 77.  Bow numbers may be available at registration.
    • Except as detailed in NoR paragraph 2.3 and 2.7, there will be no restrictions on crew numbers or crew changes during the Regatta.
    • For the purpose of IRC Rules 21.1.5 (d) and (e) this regatta is on consecutive days and the sails carried shall remain the same.
    • RRS 55 is amended adding the following sentence to the rule: ‘However, discarding elastic, cotton, wool or any other biodegradable material when setting a sail is permitted.’
  1. Safety

    • This regatta is classified as Category “5” (AS Special Regulations, Part 1).
    • Boats shall additionally carry a VHF radio in accordance with AS Special Regulations Part 1, 3.25.4, or 3.25.6
    • All boats shall carry sufficient fuel at the start of each race for four hours of motoring. The race committee may inspect any yacht at any time for compliance with safety regulations.
  2. Classes and Eligibility

    • Racing will be provided in the following classes subject to at least seven entries being accepted in that class. The organising authority may alter, amalgamate or divide any class or may add classes as required. Should there be insufficient entries to form a particular class; boats entered for that class may be allocated to another class at the discretion of the Race Committee.
    • Classes

i) IRC Racing Class will have an IRC TCC greater than 0.950. The Race Committee may amend this limit if required.

ii) IRC Passage Class will have a maximum Hull Factor of 10.5 and are fitted out to cruising standards. The Race Committee will consider written applications for inclusion of boats into Passage Rating Classes that may not otherwise meet the spirit and intention of the class, giving details of the boat and the reasons for consideration.  Applications based on crew criteria alone will not be considered.  The Race Committee’s decision shall be final and not be subject to requests for redress.  This alters RRS 62.1(a).

iii)   One Design Classes (Sydney 38, Etchells, Ross 780s etc) will have a current Class One Design Certificate, which will be lodged with the Race Committee prior to the commencement of racing.

iv) Performance Racing Class will be less than 30 m LOA and will be allocated handicaps by the Handicap Committee. Handicaps may be revised between races.

v) Cruising Class shall be fitted out to comfortable cruising standards (boats with doors) and will typically not have working sails of custom built modern exotic construction unless the race committee grants dispensation. The Race Committee will consider written applications for inclusion of boats that may not otherwise meet the spirit and intention of the class, giving details of the boat and the reasons for consideration. Applications based on crew criteria alone will not be considered.  Boats will be allocated handicaps by the Handicap Committee. Handicaps will be revised between races.

vi) Non–Spinnaker Class will have the same requirements as for Cruising Boats, but shall sail with a main and jib only. A jib is defined as a headsail with the entire luff of the sail attached along the headstay. A reaching strut/whisker pole may be used with one end attached to the mast in accordance with RRS 50.2. Boats will be allocated handicaps by the Handicap Committee. Handicaps will be revised between races.

vii) Sports Boat Class will be boats that meet the requirements of the Australian Sports Boat Association rules with an SMS rating of 0.755 or greater.  RRS 49.1 shall not apply to Melges 24’s and Magic 25’s if racing in full compliance with their respective class rules and it is noted on the boats’ SMS certificate that the rating incorporates hiking devices.  ASBA Constitution section 4.1.13 shall not apply to Elliott 7’s if racing in full compliance with their respective class rules. Sports Boat Class will be handicapped using the Sportsboat Measurement System (SMS).

viii) Trailable Yachts Class will be yachts that are able to be trailed, launched and retrieved on a road-legal trailer.  Boats will be allocated handicaps by the Handicap Committee. Handicaps may be revised between races..

ix) Multi-Hull Racing Class will be Multi-Hull boats and shall have a current Offshore Multihull Rule (OMR) rating greater than 0.700.

x) Multi-Hull Passage Class Boats will be allocated handicaps by the Handicap Committee. Handicaps will be revised between races.

  • More information on the type of racing offered in the above divisions can be found under the “Divisions” tab on the event website.
  1. Entry

    • Eligible boats shall enter on-line only. Entry fee for boats whose entry is received and paid by Thursday 1st August 2019 will be as per the Early Bird Entry Fee as detailed in clause 6.1 below.  For entries received after that date, or where outstanding entry fee remains, boats are required to pay the Standard Entry Fee as detailed in clause 6.1 below. The event website is:   Details on the payment of the entry fee are advised on the entry form.
    • All One-Design classes will provide a current One-Design certificate and owner’s declarations as required by the class rules, no later than Registration.
    • No changes to IRC Certificates will be permitted after 1700 hrs, Thursday 8th August 2019 except as a result of a rating protest or to correct a Rating office error.
    • All boats entering in divisions handicapped by performance based handicaps, shall supply, as part of their entry, suitable information to allow the Handicap Committee to allocate a starting handicap. This may be by way of a suitable photo of the entered yacht. The information can be sent electronically to or by mail to:

Airlie Beach Race Week

PO Box 495

Airlie Beach Qld 4802

  1. Entry Fees*

    • The entry fee for all boats:-
Length Overall Early Bird Entry Fee** Standard Entry Fee
Up to 8.5 metres AUS$325.00 AUS$450.00
8.6 to 10.0 metres AUS$400.00 AUS$525.00
10.1 meters – 12 meters AUS$425.00 AUS$575.00
12.1 metres – 15.0 metres AUS$475.00 AUS$600.00
Over 15.1 metres AUS$500.00 AUS$625.00
  • * Please note – The Entry Fee does not include berthing. Yachts will need to make their own arrangements for berthing early as berthing may be very limited in both marinas (see NoR 14).
  • ** Early Bird Entry Fees shall be paid by close of entries at 2400hrs Thursday 1st August 2019. Entries received after 1st August will be subject to Standard Entry Fee.
  1. Registration and Schedule of Races

    • The detailed race schedules and courses will be displayed on the web site, and will be described in the Sailing Instructions. Charts AUS 825 & AUS 252 cover the racing area and all boats are required to carry paper charts of the area in which they will be sailing.
    • The racing format will be a combination of round-the-buoys racing in Pioneer Bay, and passage races in Pioneer Bay and through the Whitsunday Passages. Multiple races may be held on some days.
Thursday 8th August Registration
Friday 9th August Race Day 1
Saturday 10th August Race Day 2
Sunday 11h August Race Day 3
Monday 12th August Lay Day
Tuesday 13th August Race Day 4
Wednesday 14th August Race Day 5
Thursday 15th August Race Day 6
  • All boats shall register at regatta headquarters, Whitsunday Sailing Club, on Thursday 8th August 2019 between 1000hrs and 1630hrs. A competitors’ meeting will be conducted at regatta headquarters at 1830 hrs Thursday 8th August 2019.
  • The first race will start no earlier than 1000hrs on Friday 9th August 2019.
  • A Lay Day is scheduled for Monday 12th August 2019.
  • The last race of the series is scheduled for the morning of Thursday 15th August 2019. No race will be started later than 1300hrs on Thursday 15th August 2019.
  • The awards presentation will be held at Whitsunday Sailing Club as soon as practicable after the last race of the regatta.
  • The Race Committee may make changes to the schedule at any time.
  1. Handicaps

    • Boats will be handicapped as shown below.
Class Handicap System Scheduled Races
IRC Racing IRC 7
IRC Passage IRC 6
Performance Racing Event Handicap (EHC) 7
Cruising Event Handicap (EHC) 6
Non Spinnaker Event Handicap (EHC) 6
Sports Boats Sportsboat Measurement System (SMS) 9
One Design Scratch (no handicap) 9
Trailable Yachts Event Handicap (EHC) 6
Multi Hulls Racing Offshore Multihull Rule (OMR) 7
Multi Hulls Passage Event Handicap (EHC) 6
  • The race committee intend to have provisional handicaps for the first race of the series posted on the event web site and the Official Notice Board by 1700hrs Tuesday August 6th The Race Committee will consider applications relating to initial performance based handicaps if made in writing with supporting documentation during registration.
  • EHC handicaps will be determined by the Handicap Committee. The decisions taken by the Handicap Committee are final and will not be subject to requests for redress.
  1. Sailing Instructions

    • It is the intention of the race committee for the Sailing Instructions to be posted on the event web site by Friday 2nd August 2019.
  2. Scoring

    • The “Low Point System” RRS Appendix A will apply except that if there are four or less races sailed, all races will be scored. One race will constitute a series.
  3. Insurance and Liability Risk

    • By lodging an entry, the owner/charterer agrees that: –
      • it is a fundamental condition of entry that he, she or it releases, holds harmless and indemnifies WSC and its associates, its office bearers, servants, agents and members and the sponsors of Airlie Beach Race Week 2019 from all liability any of those persons has to the owner/charterer or any crew member on the owner/charterer’s yacht, or to any person claiming through or under any such person arising from loss or damage how so ever caused, including negligent act or omission, arising out of or relating to: participation by the owner/charterer’s yacht or any other yacht in a race; the conduct or course of the race in any respect including, without limitation, any act or omission (whether reasonably foreseeable or not) causing or relating to loss of or damage to any yacht or the death or injury of any person; or any of the matters referred to in the paragraphs above;
      • participation by the yacht and by the crew in Airlie Beach Race Week 2019 is agreed by organising authority on the basis that participation is entirely at the risk of the owner/charterer and each member of the crew on the owner/charterer’s yacht.
      • the owner/charterer will provide each crew member or proposed crew member with a copy of these Conditions of Entry.
    • It is a condition of entry that competitors participate in this regatta entirely at their own risk (see RRS 4 Decision to Race), and that each boat shall carry public liability insurance, with a sum insured of at least AU$10,000,000 or the foreign currency equivalent.
    • All those taking part in these races are reminded of their obligations as set out SA Special Regulations Clause 1.02 “Owner’s Responsibility”.
  4. Advertising

    • The Race Committee may reject any advertising that may conflict with the interests of the sponsors of the event.
  5. Trophies

    • Prizes or trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd on corrected times in each class or division or 1st, 2nd and 3rd for One Design Classes.
      Trophies will be awarded for the overall point score winners in each class or division.
      Prizes for each day’s racing will be presented as soon as practicable after racing each day.
  6. Yacht Berthing Arrangements

    • Entered boats requiring berthing need to make arrangements with Abell Point Marina or Port of Airlie marina.
      Demand for berths at both Abell Point and Port of Airlie Marinas is at a premium in August.

Entrants are urged to book berths early to avoid disappointment.

Contact details are:

Abell Point Marina                                                       Port of Airlie Marina

Ph: 07 4946 2400                                                        Ph: 1800 676 526


  • It is a condition of entry to Airlie Beach Race Week 2019 that boats moor in accordance with the directions of the management of the marina.
  1. Accommodation Bookings

    • Bookings for accommodation are recommended through the organisations listed under the “Accommodation” tab on the event web site.

Further Information:  Email: