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Notice to Competitors No 1 – Posted 1 May 2021

Changes to Notice of Race

Change Clause 2.1 (Last paragraph)  For boats entered in the WETA 4.4 Trimaran and Formula 16 / Formula 18 Catamaran classes the relevant class rules will apply.


Add Clause 3.5 3.5       For WETA 4.4 Trimarans and F16 / F18 catamarans, the following additional items shall be required for each boat:

personal EPIRB for each crew, navigation device (cell phone in a waterproof case/GPS watch) Spare shackles and short ropes
safety line per crew, Signal mirror Multitool
compass, Whistle Knife
Add Clause 4.4  xi) Off Beach Multihull boats that comply with either the Formula 16 Catamaran rules or the Formula 18 Catamaran rules will compete as a separate division with results calculated using Australian Sailing yardstick.


Add Clause 8.1
F16 / F18 Catamaran Australian Sailing Yardstick 9